TFC Testimonial — Willie and Sabra Jackson

Jacksons (plus) five

Perhaps because he grew up as a foster child, Willie Jackson and his wife, Sabra, are the model of ideal foster care parents.

Jackson Adoption Day
ADOPTION DAY: Willie and Sabra Jackson and adopted twins Kitiara and Savanna.

The Jacksons have welcomed five children from the Board of Child Care’s Treatment Foster Care (TFC) program. The last two, a pair of 14-year-old twin Hispanic sisters, were legally adopted by the Jacksons in 2015.

“The Board of Child Care goes beyond just providing care,” Willie Jackson says. “The way BCC treats these kids is why we welcome these children into our home.”

For many years, Willie has mentored Baltimore’s gang populations while Sabra taught etiquette to disadvantaged children, but it was ultimately Sabra who pushed the couple to do more. Now it is a cookout, or a ballgame at Baltimore’s Oriole Park at Camden Yards or a trip to Ocean City, MD with their extended, nuclear family.

Patricia Wilson, BCC’s Treatment Foster Care director, describe families like the Jacksons as TFC’s “lifeblood.”

“Driven to serve others,” Wilson says of the ideal foster parent. “They’re willing to work with a young person to help them achieve their life goals.”

Willie Jackson isn’t shy about telling perspective foster care parents what to expect.

“You’ll need patience, understanding and love. In return, BCC gives you a kind ear, a sounding board and understanding,” Jackson says. “The staff at Board of Child Care have become part of my family. Pat Wilson and her team treat us like family, so that’s how we treat them.”

Did You Know: 96 percent of parents recommend BCC’s TFC program to friends and family – 2015 Overall Customer Satisfaction Survey

— This profile is part of BCC’s 2015 Annual Report

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