Thank you 20+ year Volunteers!

Our hearts are full of gratitude to the volunteer auxiliary members listed below. Each has surpassed 20 years of volunteer service to the children and families of BCC.

Auxiliary Member Time of Service Church Region
Mrs. Carol Linton 47 Emory UMC Baltimore
Mrs. Alice L. Chesler 45 Brook Hill UMC Frederick
Mrs. Margaret Harkins 43 Providence UMC Washington
Mrs. Mildred J. Trainor 40 Metropolitan UMC Baltimore
Mrs. Joan L. Clark 35 Chews Memorial UMC Annapolis
Ms. Ann L. Herbert 30 Centenary UMC Annapolis
Mrs. Ella Parker 30 Beechfield UMC Baltimore
Ms. Lucille V. Thomas 30 St. James UMC Annapolis
Mrs. Helen Dick 25 Mt Zion UMC Annapolis
Mrs. Suzanne Everhart 23 Emanuel UMC Baltimore
Ms. Jeanette V. Thomas 21 Hope Memorial St. Mark UMC Annapolis
Ms. Jean H. Simkins 20 Hope Memorial St. Mark UMC Annapolis