Executive Committee

 Name Title  Region Phone Number Email Address
 Mrs. Julie Wernz  President  Baltimore  410-321-9493  jwernz@gmail.com
Mrs. Crystal Barnhouser-Fridy 1st Vice President Baltimore 493-844-7896 cbarnhouser@loyola.edu
Mrs. Suzanne Everhart (Guy) 2nd Vice President  Washington  301-865-3667  everhartsuzanne@gmail.com
 Mrs. Cynthia Brown  Recording Secretary  Baltimore  410-265-5048  Teacher_brown@verizon.net
 Mrs. Lynne Newlon  Recording Secretary  Baltimore  443-928-4377  Grammygal9@gmail.com
 Mrs. Barbara A Dougherty  Treasurer  Washington  301-916-9446  pldbad@aol.com
 Mrs. Mildred J. Trainor  Project Chairperson  Baltimore  410-638-0678  N/A
 Rev. Diane E. Summerhill  Spiritual Life Chairperson  Baltimore  410-552-5547  Revmom34@msn.com
 Mrs. Carol Linton  Historian  Frederick  301-663-3707  N/A
 Mr. Guy Everhart  Nominating Committee Chairperson  Washington  301-865-3667  gfeverhart@gmail.com
 Mr. Leon Dodson  President Chairperson  Annapolis-Southern  301-256-5601  Dodsonl9113comcast.net
 Ms. Marilyn Belz  1st Vice President  Annapolis-Southern  410-969-7293  N/A
 Ms. Sarah B. Burton  2nd Vice President  Annapolis-Southern  410-257-6206  sbburton@comcast.net
 Mrs. Cindy Smith  President  Baltimore  410-833-7240  auggy50@yahoo.com
 Mrs. Dotcenia Corley  1st Vice President  Baltimore  410-747-3280  N/A
 Mrs. Bernie McAllister  2nd Vice President and Treasurer  Baltimore  410-889-3849  robbernie@gmail.com
 Mrs. Betsy Galbreath  Recording Secretary  Baltimore  410-836-1803  betsy.galbreath@gmail.com
 Mrs. Dawn Nelson  President  Cumberland-Hagerstown 301-293-9988 nelsondawn@comcast.net
Mrs. Dorothy Hixon 2nd Vice President and Treasurer  Cumberland-Hagerstown 717-294-3627  hixons@frontiernet.net
 Rev. Diane E. Summerhill  President  Frederick  420-522-5547  Revmom34@msn.com
 Mrs. Jean Ritchie  2nd Vice President  Frederick  304-754-7806  N/A
 Mrs. Katherine Donovan  Projects / Arts & Leisure Chairperson  Frederick  304-671-3146  Donovan@gmail.com
 Mrs. Judy Jefferson  President  Washington  410-750-6494  Jjwalker3494@gmail.com
 Mrs. Suzanne E. Everhart  Recording & Corresponding Secretary  Washington  301-865-3667  everhartsuzanne@gmail.com
 Ms. Artis Johnson  Treasurer  Washington  301-577-8173  artis.johnson@comcast.net