Core Value Award Winner: Jessica Weeg!


Openness and honesty with all stakeholders make for both the best program outcomes and team culture. We, as an organization, must build trust with our program participants by being thoughtful, transparent, and committed to our decisions and promises.

Jessica Weeg is the Clinical Supervisor at our Outpatient Mental Health Center in Pasadena. Due to her clinical focus, her assistance has been needed as we move forward with designing our EHR program. Over the last few months, the review process has greatly increased its need for dedicated time. Jessica has been more than willing to be an integral part of the review process. Even with having a clinic to run and clients to see, she continues to make time to fit in multiple EHR meetings throughout the week and while keeping a positive attitude regardless of how many trials may arise within the process. Jessica has also put in time while at home to review documents to help the EHR team meet deadlines and she continues to offer valuable feedback to ensure the final product will fit the program’s needs.

Jessica, I understand that this is a huge project that takes a lot of work. I appreciate your support and contributions in helping move this forward. Congratulations!

Congratulations Jessica Weeg!  Thank you for being BCC’s exemplary ambassador of our core value:  Integrity!