Core Value Award Winner Jaclyn Blachly



Safety as A Mindset

We value life, spirit, and health above all else and take action to maintain the safety of our workplaces, programs, and services. We are personally accountable for our own safety and collectively responsible for the safety of our community.

Jaclyn BlachlyDirector of Behavior & Related Service, Strawbridge School.  We all share a collective responsibility in ensuring that we are accountable for our own safety but also the youth and others around us. As such, emergency drills should always be taken seriously. Recently the Baltimore Campus experienced an event that called for a Code Purple campus-wide. Jaclyn Blachly, our Director of Behavior & Related Service at Strawbridge was selected for this core value award due to her outstanding management and behavior during this event. Jaclyn was able to remain calm while managing the situation and communicated frequently and effectively with other teammates at the same time.

Jacklyn, I appreciate your awareness and dedication to safety. We hope that your behavior can be used as an example for all staff throughout BCC on the importance of calm and clear communication during emergency situations. Congratulations and thank you.

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