Core Value Award Winner: Darren Overton

IMPACT drives lasting change

We seek to make lasting change in the lives of those we work with by providing services that are durable, measurable, and sustainable. We will maximize our impact by investing in staff and board development. Feedback gathered from our entire community will enhance and strengthen our programs and their outcomes.

Darren is a Unit Supervisor in the Caminos program. For the past few weeks, Darren has led the Young Men’s Focus Group, which consists of the male youth in the residential program along with the staff. Although Darren’s main responsibility is to serve as the Unit Supervisor, he has dedicated his additional time to plan and run this group. The activities and lessons focus on increasing the self-esteem and teaching life skills. Darren has found ways to promote the group across campus, which has resulted in a consistent increase in involvement and attendance since its inception.
Darren, we appreciate the effort you have made to make this group a reality. I know that you are having a true impact on the attendees both during and outside out of the sessions. Congratulations and thank you!