Board of Child Care President and CEO Laurie Anne Spagnola responds to the 2019 United Methodist Church General Conference Session


Greetings, everyone!  I hope that my note finds you well.  I am writing to catch you up on a few developments within the United Methodist Church.

Have you ever had a really good friend that made a decision or held a belief that you didn’t particularly care for?  Was it hard for you to understand their thinking?  Were you able to maintain your friendship still, despite the difference?  The Board of Child Care (BCC) and the United Methodist Church (UMC) are friends.  The Board of Child Care (BCC) and the United Methodist Church (UMC) are separate, but connected, sharing a deep heritage of the United Methodist tradition.

Some of you may be hearing news from a recent meeting of the worldwide United Methodist Church.  At this meeting, delegates debated issues relating to the ordination of LGBTQ+ persons and the acceptance of same-gender marriages in the UMC and narrowly approved certain changes in church rules which we find deeply disturbing and hurtful to the LGBTQ+ community.   There are some appeals occurring at the moment and It will take a while for things to settle into place as the Church continues to plot its future.

BCC groans from this decision.  While I am grateful for the support the BCC receives from the UMC, BCC believes in inclusion in every regard.  BCC is committed to our core values of safety, integrity, empathy, and impact. I want to assure you of our absolute adherence to the core value of safety and that BCC “values life, spirit, and health above all else” and this includes all persons regardless of gender identification and sexual orientation.  BCC practices a non-discrimination policy in terms of the individuals we serve as well as our employment practices for talent, and there will be absolutely no changes to that policy.

BCC and its Spiritual Life team is committed to honoring all persons as created by God with inherent worth and provides guidance for persons of various faith traditions while encouraging a diversity of spiritual expressions.  From these beliefs, we will not stray.  We hold fast to BCC’s core values and our purpose of enriching communities one family at a time.  I delight and value the diversity of ALL persons who make our BCC community vibrant and strong.  BCC will continue to learn and grow about all diversities and advocate for social justice with pride and determination.


BCC values everyone’s voice around the table – thanks for all you do to contribute to our special organization.


Laurie Anne Spagnola, MSW

President and CEO

Board of Child Care of the United Methodist Church, Inc.

3300 Gaither Road

Baltimore, MD 21244-2999