Core Value Winner (Empathy) – May 2020


Listen and Respond with EMPATHY

Empathy will guide our programming and culture at all levels.  A supportive work and program environment means possessing a desire to know and understand others. We recognize that with empathy we will better understand what type of care and encouragement to provide. 

WINNER: Elizabeth Diaz  

Although the Wraparound Program  is new to BCC, we have been doing a lot within the community and state. Being a part of the Wraparound Program, I have learned a lot watching Elizabeth show empathy not only to each family we work with, but to the everyone she encounters, especially the Wraparound Team. She takes the time to check in weekly with each of us to not only see what’s new with each family, but to check in on us and showing empathy during this crazy time of COVID-19. She listens and provides helpful feedback anytime and she is AWESOME!

Thank you, Elizabeth and congratulations!