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The BCC Compass – December 2020

Meet our Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee

This year, we created our first Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee to provide collaborative problem solving and find new ways to foster recovering and healing at BCC.

Led by co-chairs:

      Bradley Spoon, Outpatient Mental Health Clinic Therapist (MD)
    Jalissa Gresham, Campus Supervisor (WV)


The committee is made up of representatives from across BCC, including myself and:

  • Jason Bacon, casework specialist (Pennsylvania)
  • Brianna Bryant, treatment foster care therapist (Maryland)
  • Darren Carey, human resources/recruitment coordinator (West Virginia)
  • Joshua Figuora, donor relations coordinator (Maryland)
  • Katie Klejnowski, lead awake overnight (West Virginia)
  • Bardett Nicholson-Premick, director of treatment foster care (Maryland)
  • Darren Overton, Caminos operations coordinator (Maryland)
  • Christopher Robinson, child care worker (Maryland)
  • Apedemi Siyanbola, unit supervisor, (Maryland)
  • Lashawnda Wright, teaching assistant, (Maryland)
  • Quiana Washington, administrative support, (Maryland)

Committee members are dedicated to developing an informed conversation and thoughtful strategy around diversity and inclusion. Among their goals:

  • Develop an EDI pledge that declares the vision of BCC.
  • Work with human resources to review and update policies and procedures so all diversities are included.
  • Establish, in conjunction with the Wellness Committee, days to celebrate and learn about our differences and similarities.
  • Provide helpful consultation to senior leaders.
  • Influence and/or deliver training topics and content to improve BCC’s cultural competence.
  • Influence the themes of the wellness calendar to focus on diversity.

While there is a lot of work to be done, committee members are excited to represent BCC in this important endeavor and are already collaborating on their next steps.

Stay tuned to The BCC Compass for updates on their progress. Until then, have a happy and safe holiday!


LA Spagnola


President & CEO, Board of Child Care

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