Core Value Award Winner October 2021: Relationships Teximarie Cruz

BCC Recognizes October 2021 Core Value Award Winner Teximarie Cruz

The Board of Child Care would like to recognize Teximarie Cruz as the October 2021 Core Value Award winner for Relationships!

Ms. Teximarie's nomination reads:

"Ms. Texi was originally a talent member at our Campolina Way Level 2 program. After a few months of working with the Youth there, Ms. Texi expressed interest in joining the Caminos West program. When Ms. Texi started, she immediately jumped in headfirst and became very engaged with the Youth. She was not shy and did not hesitate to learn more about the program or the population the program serves and immediately became a preferred staff for several of our Youth. We appreciate Ms. Texi, as do the Youth!"

Congratulations, Ms. Texi, and thank you!


Foster Relationships within our Community

Openness and honesty with all stakeholders make for both the best program outcomes and team culture. Inclusive practices are the building blocks for trust. We create space for conversations that grow transparency about our decisions, promises, and understanding of one another.