Behind The Tassel – William



William R. is a graduate of a local high school. His favorite class in high school was Gifted and Talented (GT) Art.  He plans to begin at a community college and then hopes to transfer to Stevenson University in order to enroll in a Visual Arts program.

William earned 105 hours of community service. He wrote about the impact of his experience volunteering at the senior citizen center and Boys and Girls Club of Harford County.  He reflected on learning about his own feelings and attitudes as he worked with people who were different than himself.  As a result of his self-reflection, he immediately changed his way of interacting with others.  During the event, one of the staff observed how well he was doing and complimented him.

Our Committee was extremely impressed with not only Will’s community service but his ability to articulate the impact it had on him.

Please join us in congratulating William on receiving the Mathis Award for Community Service! Go to Behind the Tassel for more pics and moments!


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Behind the Tassel – Cambria


Cambria W. is a graduate of a local high school. Her favorite class in high school was Economic and Public Issues.  In March of this year, Cambria was awarded student of the month at her school because of her focus, strong determination, leadership skills and participation in classes.

Cambria plans to begin her studies at a local community college and then transfer in order to complete her Bachelor’s degree in the arts. Her dream is to go to the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).  She states that she has found great pleasure in photography and hopes to move into videography as well.  Her goal is to become a professional photographer with a concentration on photo shoots for animals.

In recognition of her plans for continuing her education, Cambria receives a scholarship from Chase United Methodist Church. We congratulate Cambria and wish her well!  Go Behind the Tassel for more pics and moments!

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Behind the Tassel – Franki

Franki is an Anne Arundel County high school graduate where she achieved stellar academic success. She earned a weighted grade point average of 4.11 and non-weighted of 3.66.  As of May 12, 2017, she ranked 23 out of 341 in her class.  Her favorite class was AP World History.  Her student transcript is filled with many Advanced Placement and Honors classes.

Franki has been accepted to a four-year college and will begin study there this fall. She plans to obtain a degree in Sports Medicine.  Her choice of career was influenced by her work at an Orthopedic Sports Medicine Center as a receptionist.

Her college – 2,685 miles from her hometown in Maryland – represents an exciting next chapter in her life.

We congratulate Franki on winning the Alice G. Seymour Award for Academic Achievement and wish her well in her future success!

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Behind the Tassle – Aaron

Charlie Parker, the pioneering jazz saxophonist, once mentioned to one of his bandmates that he really liked country music. Puzzled, the band mate asked why. Parker responded “The stories, man. The stories.” The stories are the best part of graduation. The weeks leading up to graduation are full of events celebrating the successes of students. Today, we invite you to follow Charlie Parker’s example and listen to the stories of BCC graduates. Enjoy!



Aaron J. is a graduate of the Strawbridge School. His favorite class in high school was English 12.  At his graduation, Aaron received awards from the Vocational and Science departments.

Many of us and the BCC staff have benefited from Aaron’s involvement with Maxine’s Café and the Breezeway Market. He has given many hours in service to the School – and provided enjoyment to his customers!

Aaron wrote about the impact of his life in terms of his accomplishment in graduating from high school. He is the second person in his family to do so.  His younger siblings look up to him as a role model.  He has worked hard and wants to leave a positive impact on his classmates as well as the teachers and staff he has had at Strawbridge.  Aaron is someone who tries to help out whenever he can.

Aaron has been accepted to CCBC (Community College of Baltimore County) and will begin study this fall. He would like to become a Vet Technician.  Over the summer he will be in the work program at BCC working in the auto shop.

In recognition of his plans to continue his education, Aaron receives a scholarship from Chase United Methodist Church. We congratulate Aaron and wish him well!


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Many Thanks to David Daughaday

David has concluded his term on BCC’s Board of Directors effective June 30, 2017. During his tenure he served as both chair of the finance and asset management committees as well as Treasurer.  His leadership and thoughtful questions and suggestions will be sincerely missed, and we wish him well as he begins his next grand adventure – retirement!

From left to right: Laurie Anne Spagnola, David Daughaday, Guy Everhart
David receives a piggy bank as a small token of appreciation for his years of service as the Board treasurer.


David receives a piece of art made by one of the youth on campus.
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