Program Overview

What is Caminos?

The Board of Child Care Caminos Program (from the Spanish word for “journey”) was created in 2014 to offer care, safety, and support to a unique population in need: young boys, age nine to 18, entering the United States without a parent or guardian.

Working together with the federal government, our goal is to help reunite these children with family members currently living in the US, or place them with caring foster families, within a few months.

BCC is uniquely qualified to offer this program. The communities we serve have some of the highest per capita Central American families in the country. More important, the Caminos Program fits in with our purpose — to enrich communities, one family at a time.

How Caminos Works

Under Caminos, BCC offers temporary shelter, medical care and, case management support for unaccompanied children, through two services: Transitional Foster Care and Long-Term Foster Care.

Transitional Foster Care and Long-Term Foster Care provide an option for youth whose family members cannot be located in a timely manner. Families participating in this program make an extended commitment to the youth and can be located anywhere in Maryland. BCC will continue to provide legal and clinical support for the children and attempt to locate their viable family in the United States, throughout the duration of their time in foster care.

Why We Need You

Unaccompanied children often have multiple reasons for undertaking the difficult journey to the United States, such as escaping violent situations in their home communities, or worse. Because of their young age, their separation from parents and relatives, and the hazardous routes they take, these children are especially susceptible to human trafficking, exploitation, and abuse.

That’s why we need you. Parents who choose to participate in the Caminos program have a unique opportunity: to help vulnerable children feel safe, get the care they need and prepare for life in the United States. You will play a major role in building their connection with a community and their future success.

Caminos achieved some incredible outcomes for some very vulnerable youth, in its first 500 days: we served more than 275 unaccompanied children, many of whom were released to sponsors in 32 states, including Maryland and DC.

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