National Human Trafficking Prevention Month: AACHTC Red Sand Project Event

In conjunction with National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Board of Child Care invites you to join the Anne Arundel County Human Trafficking Collaborative and Park Books’ powerful, eye-catching Red Sand Project Event. This interactive installation and gathering aims to raise awareness and spark conversation about the hidden crime of human trafficking not only internationally, but within the community of Anne Arundel County. BCC is proud to be the sponsor of this event!

Turning the Tide with Awareness

On January 18, 2024, at 12:00 pm (rain or shine), participants will gather at Park Books’ Community Space (2nd Floor) at 555 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard, Severna Park, MD, 21146. The event will begin with a brief presentation from community partners in the fight against human trafficking:

  • Lauren Alexander-Binns, PMP, PI, Chair of the Anne Arundel County Human Trafficking Collaborative Public Awareness Subcommittee, Founder of HALT, and Physical Security Analyst, E-ISAC
  • Alexandria Garcia-Rodriguez Clay, Vice-Chair of the Anne Arundel County Human Trafficking Collaborative Public Awareness Subcommittee and Family Navigator for the Anne Arundel County Partnership
  • Caryl Ralph, Coordinator with the Anne Arundel Co. Department of Social Service Child Advocacy Center
  • Jasmine Mayo, Anne Arundel County Regional Navigator Supervisor with Board of Child Care

Following the presentation, the community will unite in a symbolic act of solidarity. Together, we will pour red sand into cracks and crevices, which represents the hidden nature of human trafficking and the vulnerabilities that make individuals susceptible. This impactful visual will serve as a reminder that the fight against modern-day slavery requires the vigilance and support of everyone.

“In the campaign against human trafficking, awareness and advocacy is the shield that prevents victims from slipping through the cracks of exploitation. Addressing modern-day slavery, is no small feat, but by igniting a collective call to action within our community, we can strive to be the light casting out the darkness of an epidemic that knows no societal bounds,” states the chairwoman of Anne Arundel County Hun1an Trafficking Collaborative’s Public Awareness Subcommittee, Lauren Alexander Binns. “The Red Sand Project offers a visually striking way to educate our community, highlight the warning signs, and empower individuals to take action and stand against this grave injustice.”

Joining the Movement

The Anne Arundel County Human Trafficking Collaborative is committed to raising awareness and building a network of community partners to combat human trafficking. This event serves as a vital step in that direction, encouraging open dialogue and inspiring concrete action.

We encourage everyone in Anne Arundel County to join us for this impactful event. Learn about the realities of human trafficking, connect with resources, and become a part of the solution. Please RSVP to by January 15, 2024 or visit the link for more details. Together, we can create a community where all individuals are valued and protected. Let’s make Anne Arundel County a beacon of hope in the fight against human trafficking.

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Celebrating Community, In Unity

Thank you, volunteers!

At Board of Child Care, we firmly believe that volunteers are the lifeblood of our mission. Their selfless dedication and unwavering support have been instrumental in driving positive change and creating a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve. Recently, we had the privilege of hosting our Volunteer Annual Meeting – back together in person after four long years – and the experience was a heartwarming reminder that Board of Child Care is a family of compassionate souls bound by the shared desire to enrich communities, one family at a time.

The meeting was also an occasion to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of our long-standing volunteers. Even as we transitioned from the Auxiliary to the Volunteer Corps, many of our volunteers have been with us for several years, and their loyalty has been a guiding light for others to follow. To honor the history of volunteerism at Board of Child Care – and the irreplaceable impact of volunteer service – we created and awarded the inaugural Auxiliary Award. This year’s recipient was Barbara Dougherty!

“When I first met Barbara, she was the President of the Washington West District of the Board of Child Care Auxiliary, and I was a brand-new Key Person for Providence UMC. Barbara served for many years as the Conference Treasurer for the Auxiliary. When I was Conference President, Barbara was the one who was always there by my side. The two of us worked together to maintain the Auxiliary programs for the youth and families served by BCC. Barbara was most generous with her time and talent, as well as her donations to the work we did. Her dedication to those the Auxiliary served meant so much, not only to the youth, but also the staff who knew her well. Barbara has a true heart for service!” – Sue Everhart (Member, Board of Child Care’s Board of Directors)


The Volunteer Annual Meeting provided an opportunity for volunteers to connect with one another on a deeper level. Friendships were forged, and networks were expanded, creating a strong support system that extends beyond the walls of our organization. The sense of camaraderie and shared passion has strengthened our collective resolve to tackle even greater challenges in the future.

As we celebrate the impact of our volunteers, it’s important to recognize that their efforts and actions create a ripple effect that touches the lives of countless individuals and communities. By volunteering their time, skills, and compassion, they inspire others to join the cause, creating a chain reaction of positive change that knows no bounds.

If you are not already, we invite you to consider becoming a member of the Volunteer Corps and experience the profound joy of giving back. No matter your background or expertise, there is a place for you in our organization. Your unique talents and perspective contribute to the transformative work we do in countless, meaningful ways. Want to help Board of Child Care connect with like-minded, mission focused congregations and community groups? Simply click here to request a guest speaker!

To our volunteers, we extend our deepest gratitude – you are the heart and soul of our organization, and we are immensely proud to have you by our side. Let us forge ahead – celebrating community in unity – and continue this special work together!

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Jim Young Memorial Golf Tournament September 2021

Thank you to everyone who made the 2021 Jim Young Memorial Golf Tournament a great success! Please check out some more of the event photos HERE

The day began with clouds and light rain which gave way to warmth and sunshine by the time lunch was over and everyone was ready to hit the links! We had a special youth guest from our UMHC Mechanicsburg Campus who shared about the Impact the Board of Child Care’s programs are making in their life. Thanks to the generosity of the tournament sponsors and players, we surpassed our fundraising goal of $50,000. The timing could not be better as we are about to begin renovations of several of the Pennsylvania living units to prepare for a new program opening in 2022 (more on that soon).

Although the gorgeous weather gave way to wind and rain later in the afternoon, the clouds cleared in time to celebrate with our closing ceremony recognizing the day’s winners. However, the real winners of the day are the youth and families BCC’s programs support.

Even as we continue to face uncertainty, it is inspiring to see a gathering of people still focused on SAFETY, strengthening RELATIONSHIPS, giving with compassion and EMPATHY to make an IMPACT through enriching communities, one family at a time.

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Spring N’ Paint Family Engagement Event

What’s a better way to start off Spring then spending quality time with family?

We recently celebrated youth and families by sponsoring a Spring N’ Paint Event!

Check out our new artists as they paint along side their mom, dad, grandma, foster dad, sister or brother lets the healing and building memories together.

Case Manager, Rigel Moore said, “We served delicious BBQ catered by Andy Nelsons. Families laughed and smiled while they painted with her loved ones. It was great seeing our youth interact and engage with there loved ones.”

Thank you to our donors, staff, volunteers, care team, families and youth for contributing to our

purpose; enriching communities, one family at a time.

Here are some of our favorite pictures!

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Power House Alumni Conference

At the Board of Child Care, we support our alumni and are always looking opportunities to connect with foster care alumni.

Earlier this month, a couple of our the youth were able to attend an annual foster care alumni conference. The conference included an opportunity to meet the foster care ombudsman, a successful entrepreneur alumni, and provided an opportunity for youth to share their stories. There were also various breakout information sessions on topics such as financial stability, public speaking, and defining your personal creative process. Phillip “Nick” described the end of the conference as bittersweet because “it gave me encouragement and let me know that there are people out there just like me. I really enjoyed this event, and would like to attend more events like this one”.


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 Will you participate in #GivingTuesday for the @BoardofChildCare on Tuesday, November 28th 2017?
There are several easy ways you can get involved!

Like Us on Facebook

Donate Online  and let your Facebook followers know
using hashtag #GivingTuesday, #StuffOurStocking and at symbol @BoardofChildCare

Share with us an awesome story about giving
so we can include it in our next newsletter

The proceeds from #GivingTuesday are first used to fund the holiday celebrations and Christmas presents for those living at BCC (see the 2016 recap here). After those needs are met, donations will be directed to where they are needed most throughout BCC’s educational, mental health, and residential programs.

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Behind the Tassle – Aaron

Charlie Parker, the pioneering jazz saxophonist, once mentioned to one of his bandmates that he really liked country music. Puzzled, the band mate asked why. Parker responded “The stories, man. The stories.” The stories are the best part of graduation. The weeks leading up to graduation are full of events celebrating the successes of students. Today, we invite you to follow Charlie Parker’s example and listen to the stories of BCC graduates. Enjoy!



Aaron J. is a graduate of the Strawbridge School. His favorite class in high school was English 12.  At his graduation, Aaron received awards from the Vocational and Science departments.

Many of us and the BCC staff have benefited from Aaron’s involvement with Maxine’s Café and the Breezeway Market. He has given many hours in service to the School – and provided enjoyment to his customers!

Aaron wrote about the impact of his life in terms of his accomplishment in graduating from high school. He is the second person in his family to do so.  His younger siblings look up to him as a role model.  He has worked hard and wants to leave a positive impact on his classmates as well as the teachers and staff he has had at Strawbridge.  Aaron is someone who tries to help out whenever he can.

Aaron has been accepted to CCBC (Community College of Baltimore County) and will begin study this fall. He would like to become a Vet Technician.  Over the summer he will be in the work program at BCC working in the auto shop.

In recognition of his plans to continue his education, Aaron receives a scholarship from Chase United Methodist Church. We congratulate Aaron and wish him well!


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Top Ten Ways to Engage with Board of Child Care (BCC)

Top Ten Ways to Engage with Board of Child Care (BCC) 

1. Pray for the children, youth and families BCC serves as well as BCC staff. Include the ministry of BCC on your congregation’s ongoing prayer request list.

2. Contribute financially either by a special offering – the Christmas Offering or at some other time during the year – or by including BCC in your church and/or missions budget.

3. Make sure that your church is subscribed to BCC updates. Click here to subscribe or confirm your subscription.

4. Spread the word about BCC by creating a space to post BCC updates on a bulletin board, on printed materials, website, social media, etc.

5. Plan a tour of a BCC program.

6. Engage volunteers in creating Prayer Blankets and/or Welcome Bags.

7. Ask the missions team or another group in your congregation to donate money for Bibles.

8. Participate in one of BCC’s collection drives throughout the year (e.g. Christmas gifts).

9. Invite a speaker to share a presentation on BCC.

10. Volunteer for a project designed with the BCC Spiritual Life team.

Enriching Communities,
One Family at a Time

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Family Fun Day – May 2017

The second ever Board of Child Care (BCC) Family Fun Day was held Sunday, April 23rd at the Baltimore campus. Family Fun Day aligns with BBC’s mission to enrich communities, one family at a time. The organization is focusing resources on bringing together children and families.

The idea for the family fun day was created by BCC’s Case Managers who are in charge of connecting youth to community and state resources as well as interfacing with the families. Case Managers have been a true asset to the organization, assisting with making sure that our youth have the appropriate resources to fit their needs.

Eboni Barksdale, Senior Case Manager, stated, “a family day is an event designed to engage families of our youth in an engaging and interactive setting that helps strengthen bonds.”

We do this by bringing families together and providing a chance for them bond through art, crafts, and discussion in a caring and supportive environment.

Easter Egg Hunt with Brothers and Sisters

We focus on uniting families within all of our programs. It is especially important for residential to expand on family engagement and involvement. This focus on family engagement is a core part of our purpose statement, “Enriching communities, one family at a time.”

Family Day was a big success in not only unifying children and families but also as a wonderful opportunity for siblings to enjoy crafts, an Easter egg hunt, and quality time with loved ones. For more information on BCC’s programs click here

The article was written and published by Owings Mills Junior and Development Intern, Nick.


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