Behind The Tassel – William



William R. is a graduate of a local high school. His favorite class in high school was Gifted and Talented (GT) Art.  He plans to begin at a community college and then hopes to transfer to Stevenson University in order to enroll in a Visual Arts program.

William earned 105 hours of community service. He wrote about the impact of his experience volunteering at the senior citizen center and Boys and Girls Club of Harford County.  He reflected on learning about his own feelings and attitudes as he worked with people who were different than himself.  As a result of his self-reflection, he immediately changed his way of interacting with others.  During the event, one of the staff observed how well he was doing and complimented him.

Our Committee was extremely impressed with not only Will’s community service but his ability to articulate the impact it had on him.

Please join us in congratulating William on receiving the Mathis Award for Community Service! Go to Behind the Tassel for more pics and moments!


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Disc Golf

One of the joys of working with youth is getting to share your interests with them.  The grounds at Board of Child Care are perfect for disc golf.  Given one of the staff’s passion for the game, over the past school year, many of the students have learned to play disc golf.

A few of the students, in spite of the limited, very mediocre instruction they have received, have shown themselves to have the potential to be good to very good disc golfers.

For those readers who are unfamiliar with disc golf, it is very similar to golf but played with discs (Frisbees).  Instead of getting the ball into a cup the disc is thrown into a basket.  In the same way a traditional golfer uses a number of different clubs to get the ball from the tee to the cup, a disc golfer uses a number of different discs each designed with a specific purpose to get the disc from the tee to the basket.  There are drivers, midrange discs and putters.  Unlike traditional golf, most disc golf courses are free and a set of discs can run under $30 compared to hundreds of dollars or more for a set of clubs.

On April 9th, we were lucky enough to have Travis Foreman, a professional disc golf player, come to Board of Child Care to run a disc golf clinic for the kids.

As part of the clinic, Travis was able to get Gateway Discs to sponsor the event.  Each participant received a number of golf discs courtesy of Gateway Discs.  Travis also gave away disc golf bags to three residents who won a putting contest.

At the clinic, Travis did a few demonstrations of his abilities and then patiently taught the residents about the different types of discs and how to throw them.

The residents then got to practice throwing the different types of discs at baskets set at multiple distances.

The clinic ended with a modified game of disc golf using two of the portable baskets Travis brought with him.

All of the kids who attended had a great time!   So much so that the following Saturday, six of the residents and their staff went to the disc golf course at Poor House Farms to play their first round of disc golf on a real course.

Travis had such a good time that he offered to come back if another clinic was desired and he donated 24 of his own discs to ensure that the residents had all of the discs they needed to play a serious game of disc golf.We look forward to many future outings to disc golf courses in the area!






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Thanksgiving Donations for 2016


Thanksgiving Donations for 2016

Thanksgiving basket1

Projected number of baskets to be assembled 180

Below are the Region’s assigned items for the Auxiliary’s Thanksgiving Baskets.  Please have your items to either your church or the Auxiliary’s office on the Baltimore campus by November 3, 2016Baskets will be assembled on November 10, 2016.


We must have ALL donations delivered to Baltimore – Welcome / Archive Center, lower level by November 3rd.   We need time to count – organize and purchase any additional items.

Annapolis-Southern Region
Canned Fruit (20-29 ounce cans) AND
Sweet Potatoes (29 oz or 40 oz)
 Baltimore Region
 Cranberry Sauce, Green Beans (15 ounce cans)
 AND Sweet Potatoes (29 oz or 40 oz)
 Cumberland-Hagerstown Region
 Money for Hams
 Frederick Region
 Stuffing Mix
Washington Region
Corn and Peas (15 oz cans)
AND Cake Mix and Icing

Check out photos from last year’s successful canned food drive!

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