The “Back to School” season is certainly different this year at Board of Child Care (BCC) much like it is for millions of families across the United States. Instead of preparing bookbags and selecting new lunch boxes, virtual learning stations and laptops are being set-up.

We need your help now more than ever to fill the gap between what stretched local school district budgets can provide and what our students with behavioral health challenges need to be successful with distance learning.

Two of BCC’s biggest costs this year will be technology and staffing resources. We’re continuing to partner with school districts to obtain technology where we can but need your help to cover any remaining expenses.

Thank you for being behind the youth we serve 100%. Your support of the Back to School appeal helps students graduate and set them up for a lifetime of future success!


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Back-2-School Bonanza 2018

Thank you!  YOU have helped to create a new event which benefits our young people and their families!

School Supply Collage 2018 - OMHC

Back-2-School Bonanza

This is a store set up right here on our Baltimore Campus for residents, siblings, parents and guardians to “shop” for exactly what they need to Go Back-2-School!

If you haven’t donated yet – Donate Now!









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Back-to-School 2018 – Teaching Life Skills

“Those skills include not only how to handle your condition, he says, but “life skills”  teach you how to how to cook, how to budget money, how to shop, and how to keep your room clean,” – Michael says.

At an early age, Michael battled depression and anxiety. He needed help in school and was falling behind when his parents first sought help from their son.

Today, Michael lives with his family in Maryland. He has full time employment and continues to work on life skills such as showing up to work on time or early, saving some of his paycheck, and continue to work on a healthy relationship with my family.

The real superstars – you! 

Michael says school would not have been possible without the community that helps and supports BCC.

He recognized that everyone wants the best for him and the only way he can succeed is to finish his education. Michael ended with stating, “School helped me become employable by breaking down the confusing material into ways in which I could understand.”

“The real superstars are the strong supportive community we have here at BCC, thank you for helping me to grow up!”





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OMHC Families Benefit From Donated Supplies

This year’s donated school supplies were set aside for families using BCC’s Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC) in Pasadena, MD. Thanks to the incredible generosity of Brooklyn Community UMC and Oakland UMC (Sykesville, MD), families selected what they needed for their children’s upcoming school year.

All told, 65 families (including 79 OMHC clients as well as many of their siblings) benefited from the supplies.

Andrea Carroll, Director of the clinic, was on hand while the families were ‘shopping.’ “One mother was so overwhelmed with joy, praises, and thanks, that she gave me a hug and cried on my shoulder,” said Carroll. “Here are a few of the other reactions and notes of thanks we received.”omhc-school-supplies-2016

“Oh, Lord Jesus, thank you!” from a grandmother raising four school-aged children who has been down on her luck this past year and has a disabled child of her own.

“We are so glad that BCC was able to help us with our supplies. It is so expensive with two children and one income.”

“Thank you all for all that you have done with the supplies. This means more to me and my family than you would even imagine.”

“Wow!!! There are so many supplies to choose from. We love that BCC lends a helping hand.”

“The Board of Child Care is so thoughtful year round with the donations that they receive. We are so happy that you are able to help our family.”

“I am so thankful for all of the companies and people that make it possible for Board of Child Care to help families that need help. Thank you BCC for sharing and making everything easier for our family.”

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Sometimes all it takes is a note

thank-you-card-community-serviceCommunity service project by BCC youth has lasting impact on hospital

Several months ago, the Spiritual Life team asked youth to create get well cards for patients at hospitals throughout Maryland. The community service project was not about personally knowing the people the cards would go to, but understanding that being kind, even to strangers, is important.

Rev. Stacey Nickerson, BCC’s Director of Church and Community Engagement, received a note back from a hospital chaplain who had received a stack of the cards.

get-well-soon-cardDear Nieces and Nephews,
Thank you very much for your lovely, kind and thoughtful cards. I keep them in our chaplain office at the hospital – so they are always there, ready to be given away. I’m taking my time, allowing God to show me how to use them.

About three weeks ago, I gave away the first card to a gentleman on the behavioral unit. This is for people with emotional and mental illnesses. I’ll call him David. He is in his early 80’s and was very depressed when he came to the hospital. We had some good talks, but he couldn’t see any hope for the future. He has no family, and had a heart attack that left him unable to care for himself. He tried to end his life before coming to the hospital.

When I gave him your card, he looked at it, said “thank you”, and returned it to the envelope. He left the envelope on his tummy, and went back to sleep.
A few days later I saw him again. He still felt hopeless.

Well, yesterday, I read about him on the computer before I went to see him. I was so happy to read that he was feeling better. I went up to the 6th floor to see him for myself. He was still lying in bed, but he actually gave me a small smile. I hadn’t seen him smile before. He said: “it’s too hard to stay negative with about a hundred positive people in here all day long!”

He is being discharged to a nursing home. He thanked me for visiting and encouraging him. Your card was with his belongings that he is taking with him when he leaves. You definitely played a role in his recovery, because you are one of those “hundred” positive people who made it hard for him to stay sad.

So thank you very much for supporting David and showing him God’s love.

On Tuesdays, I lead a spirituality group on this unit. We talk about God together. So next week, I plan to take some of your cards with me, and focus the whole session around giving one of your cards to each member of the group. We have young and older people, men and women, black, white, Asian, Hispanic – everyone. I never know until I arrive who will be there, of course. We will discuss what it means for young people like you to take the time to make these cards, sending a message that says: “we may not know you but it doesn’t mean that we don’t care”. Your cards are a message from God, letting these people know that God still cares about them. It gives them a lot to think about, and makes them smile.

Another week in my group, I plan to have the group members make their own cards for other patients in the hospital, and even for the staff, to say thank you for caring for me! That will make the nurses and doctors feel happy.

I would never have had these two great ideas if you hadn’t made your cards and sent them for me to use. Your cards are truly an inspiration. Even when your cards have all been given away, your idea will stay behind and keep bearing fruit.

This is how love works.

Thank you again for your ministry to these lonely and troubled people.
With love,

~ Angela

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Glen Mar UMC Confirmation Class visits BCC


On September 17, 2016, Glen Mar United Methodist Church’s Confirmation Class visited BCC’s Baltimore campus. They held their retreat in the chapel. The class brought a donation of scented body wash for our youth. These items will be used in welcome bags for new residents arriving at BCC.

Thanks Glen Mar UMC!


Interested in Reserving the Chapel for your group?

We welcome faith groups to use our Baltimore campus chapel at no charge.  Simply send us a note via our Contact Us form if you would like a staff member to send you some more information.

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Halethorpe United Methodist Church helps Strawbridge music program

yarb-and-terry-check-donation-drop-offBCC welcomed a very special group of visitors to campus this month. It turns out that the group from Halethorpe UMC, led by Yarb (pictured left) knew the new music teacher at our Strawbridge School, Ms. Terry Sann (pictured right). To show their support for her new position, they donated $200 towards new instruments. BCC used the funds towards purchasing new Keyboards for the music classroom.

Thank you Yarb and everyone at Halethorpe UMC!

music-donation-made possible by Halethorpe UMC
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Tim’s 2016 Graduation Speech

We are proud to share with you one of our shining stars, Timothy, from the class of 2016.

He was the speaker at the Baltimore graduation ceremony, and it is our honor to share with you an abbreviated version of his speech.

On April 9, 2014, I got off the school bus on the Baltimore Campus, and it was just like any other day.  As I walked in and approached my cottage, there was staff everywhere.  One of the staff members took me aside and she said, “Tim, I am so sorry…your mother is at the Penn State Hospital suffering liver failure.” Tim pic with border

A few hours after we arrived at the hospital the nurse let everyone know that my mom was going off of life support.   

When I returned to the Baltimore Campus, I felt a sense of comfort from not only the staff members, but the residents as well, which made this event easier to bear.

A few months later I moved to BCC’s semi-independent living program in Hagerstown, Maryland.  Throughout my time at BCC, I have grown to know the staff like they are family, and have felt a great deal of support and love

I have also accomplished many feats, including gaining vital work experience, life skills, financial literacy, social skills, and am now a high school graduate!  The truth is that if you stick with the program, and put faith in staff, nothing but success is in your future. 

Your support of the Back to School campaign will help students like Tim graduate and set them up for future success.


Thank you so much for your contribution in support of our Back to School appeal! While we appreciate online contributions, if you are having any trouble using the form above you are also welcome to mail a check to:

Board of Child Care
Attn: Back to School
3300 Gaither Road
Baltimore, MD 21244

You may also call (410) 922-2100 x5430 to make a contribution over the phone.

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Troop 509 rocks foster fair to benefit BCC

girl scouts group shotHoward County pack scores 25 blankets, 65 duffles for our youth

When most people think of the Girl Scouts, they think about cookies. So what do Girl Scouts think about? Thankfully, for their Bronze Star project, Girl Scout Troop 509 thought about the Board of Child Care!

girl_scout_ginger_snap_by_ced75With a focus on the foster care community, Troop 509 organized a foster fair to raise awareness about foster care and to collect donations to benefit the children at BCC. During the event, Troop 509 collected over 65 duffle bags and over 25 blankets were created for BCC’s youth.

Jennifer Rankin, an attorney representing one of our youth at BCC’s Hagerstown group home with a daughter in Troop 509, and Libby Palumbo, a senior childcare worker, were instrumental in organizing the event. On the backend of the event, Rankin and Chad Bikle, Unit Supervisor for the Hagerstown Group Home, joined Palumbo to wrap up the donation process and make sure BCC received the items collected.

“Engaging with our communities is important, and this story highlights the kind of core values we’re seeking from our employees and stakeholders,” BCC President and CEO Laurie Anne Spagnola said.

The troop is from Howard County and is comprised of middle school-aged girls, or Cadets, in the language of Girl Scouts. The youngest girls begin as Daisies or Brownies and later graduate into Junior and Cadet programs. For high school girls, Senior and Ambassador programs are available.

Palumbo, a recent recipient of BCC’s Core Values Awardee for Impact, met with the young ladies prior to the event, educating them about BCC, the organization’s purpose, and the challenges BCC’s youth face.

“Being able to share with these young ladies the challenges our youth face was a privilege,” Palumbo said. “To see the outpouring from the community – in response to the effort these girls put forth – and be an ambassador for the Board of Child Care was nothing short of wonderful.”

Girl Scout donation 01

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