Letter from Sue Everhart

Board of Child Care Auxiliary President

When my husband and I moved to Frederick (MD) in the early 1990s, we joined Providence United Methodist Church to get to know our new community. One Sunday, a lady in her 90’s stood up and said, ‘I need somebody to replace me for the Board of Child Care because I’m too old for this.’ I raised my hand and said, ‘I’ll do it.’

That was nearly thirty years ago, and I did not expect how much my spontaneous decision to get involved would change my family’s life.

I have many fond memories of organizing volunteer support around the holidays, seeing the Christmas store come together (and winning an EAGLE best practice award for its design and impact!), making birthdays extra special for the kids, and seeing pictures from summer camp and trip experiences that Auxiliary donors made possible.

As an organization, BCC has grown and evolved since it began as three orphanages nearly 150 years ago. BCC has expanded into programs that are focused on prevention and delivered in communities, not only on residential campuses. I celebrate loudly and proudly all these changes because it means kids and families are getting what they need, and – at the end of the day – that’s what every volunteer, donor, and staff member wants.

With these changes, the Auxiliary and my involvement have evolved as well. I’ve held various volunteer leadership roles within the Auxiliary, culminating with my role as Auxiliary President and member of BCC’s Board of Directors today.

I am personally feeling that now is a good time in my life to transition from my current Auxiliary leadership role. What I am finding, however, is that few volunteers have the bandwidth to lead and coordinate such a large volunteer corps or big projects. Being President during the holidays was a full-time volunteer position some weeks!

Working together with BCC staff and the Auxiliary Executive Committee, we made the decision that the next evolution of the Auxiliary in Baltimore is to simplify its structure and assign some tasks to BCC’s internal staff.

Volunteers and staff will work collaboratively to maintain the volunteer-driven programs and events, like the Christmas Store and monthly birthday cards. BCC still needs you – our volunteers – to help us step up and meet the needs of children and their families.

This decision was not made lightly. Volunteers have answered the call to support BCC since 1953, and I hope they will continue to do so for many years to come. I feel comfortable that BCC’s staff will be capable of handling more of the logistical and fundraising lift, allowing volunteers to participate more fully in the activities that bring them the most passion and joy: doing things that help the kids (and not worrying about membership drives and purchase orders).

I am fortunate to have been able to impact so many lives by volunteering for Board of Child Care. I look forward to continuing to serve as a member of BCC’s Board of Directors and as Chair of the Board’s Marketing and Development Committee.

There is still much to be done to ensure children, teens, and their families throughout the region can reach their full potential. Watch out for volunteer news on BCC’s website and for mailings advertising special events just for volunteers.

As always – know that every volunteer delivers unconditional love to the young people and their families served by BCC. You can find more information on the Frequently Asked Questions page, review the many Ways to Volunteer, or Sign Up for the Volunteer Corps today.

No matter what, I encourage you to raise your hand like I did that Sunday so many years ago. Give of your time, talents, and treasure in support of this crucial work – I can promise you that you will not regret it.


Sue Everhart
Auxiliary President