Frequently Asked Questions

What elements of the Auxiliary will be retired?

The maintenance of the bylaws, charter, budget, and electing of officers will be retired, as well as regional meetings and maintenance of membership rosters by region/church. BCC will maintain a home church affiliation on a donor and/or volunteer’s record if they wish to select one. Part of our future is knowing who our key contacts are and engaging with them. Fundraising activities will continue but will be organized by BCC staff and, rather than be specific to supporting the Auxiliary’s budget, they will support the kids and families BCC serves more generally (just as thousands of existing donors already do).

What will happen to the Auxiliary’s core programs?

The Auxiliary’s programs benefit BCC’s youth and families in so many ways, and we feel strongly that these efforts continue under the direction of internal staff! Gift-in-kind collections will still occur, as well as the collection of items for incentives stores and holidays and celebrations.

What about the Christmas Store?

The store has taken many forms over the years and continues to be something BCC, its staff, and youth look forward to! We envision specific volunteers or groups continuing to work directly with the BCC campus or location closest to them to collect items for the Christmas Store. The 2021 Baltimore, WV, and PA stores allowed youth to choose from a more specific list of options, which worked better based on their cognitive and developmental levels. Our goal is to continue this more efficient practice; BCC youth will have some categories of things they’d like to select, volunteers can donate items from a wish list that support those options, and then volunteers can come to campus and help assemble the requests.

How will volunteers continue to stay connected to the mission?

The Annual meeting for volunteers and supporters of BCC will still occur (most likely virtually in 2022). It’s a fantastic way for volunteers and supporters to stay connected to what’s going on at BCC. If a church or community group needs a guest speaker, they can still use the Guest Speaker Request Form on our website. Churches will still be able to request red stocking campaign supplies from BCC staff directly, as they have been for several years.

What will happen to the existing Auxiliary funds?

The Auxiliary Executive Committee will transfer existing funds to BCC’s reserves. These funds will not be spent in bulk on any single project. Rather, their proceeds will be used to fund spiritual life, recreational, and other programs that benefit the clients at BCC for generations to come. BCC’s goal is to keep the core principle of its reserves intact and spend only the investment proceeds each year. The reserves and their use are closely monitored by the Board of Directors, of which Sue Everhart will remain a voting member.

BCC is grateful to the Auxiliary Executive Committee for placing minimal restrictions on the use of funds beyond continuing to support the mission of BCC. It is BCC’s privilege to honor their intentions.

How can volunteers who want to stay involved do so?

Current and new volunteers are always welcome at BCC. Volunteers can sign up for both on-campus opportunities, as well as seasonally specific initiatives (e.g., assembly of Easter baskets, collection of items for the Christmas Store, etc.). Find out more here!