Prayer Blanket Donations

Consider Donating a Prayer Blanket!

Constructing a prayer blanket is easy, inexpensive and requires no sewing! Best of all, it gives a young person in need a smile and keeps him or her warm, night after night.

Below are some easy-to-complete directions to build a Prayer Blanket. Click here to download a printer-friendly PDF!

We especially need blankets for teenage males. The best prints are sports-related themes (footballs, soccer balls, baseballs & basketballs), superheroes, animals, or other designs.

What You’ll Need:

• 2 Yards Plain Color Fleece
• 2 Yards Patterned Fleece
• Sharp Sewing scissors or rotary cutter
• 2 Inches Square Template


Smoothed Out  1. Layout your fleece on top of each other. Smooth out wrinkles and match up edges as best you can. Don’t pull too much as fleece has a bit of stretch to it.

Trim Edges  2. Trim edges.

4x4 Cut Out  3. Using your template, place on corner and cut out on all four corners.

Stripes to Tie  4. After cutting a four-inch strip along the edge, cut 1 1/4 inch strips.

Cut Stripes  5. After you cut the four inch strips, fold them up.

Individual Strips  6. Take the two strips and tie together to form a knot

Rows to Tie  7. Continue down the row with each strip.

Final Product  8. This knotting gives the blanket a nice look to the plain color side of the blanket.

**Please remember to be in prayer for the youth who will receive the blanket you are making.**

A sample of prayers:

  • This blanket was handmade by ____(your name)____. As it was created, we prayed for you. We ask God to give you blessings of courage, strength, healing, peace, comfort, joy and hope. As you wrap this blanket around you, may you feel God’s arms embracing you. May this blanket always be a reminder of how much you are loved.
  • From (Name of group):  We, the members of ____(your group)____, pray that this blanket provides you warmth and a reminder that God also wraps you in His love. We pray that God will bless you and keep you safe. We pray that God will fill you with peace and hope. Amen.