Post Placement Services

Post placement reports are a necessary step to completing and finalizing a domestic adoption, and most countries participating in international adoption have some post placement reporting requirements. The Board of Child Care provides post placement services to adoptive families, whether or not BCC completed the original home study.

Post placement visits take place in a family’s home and are designed to be supportive and educational, as well as to meet the requesting adoption agency’s requirements. During these visits, BCC gathers information from a family on the child’s health, developmental progress and his/her overall adjustment. BCC also supports the family’s adjustment to the addition of the new child. BCC helps with parenting strategies to promote positive attachment between parent and child and provide referrals to adoption-competent support services, if needed. BCC also answers any questions, whether they relate to the child or to specific post placement paperwork.

Once a post placement visit and report are completed, an official copy of the report is sent to the requesting agency or governmental organization. A post placement fee covers the visit, completion of the report, and sending official copies to other agencies and attorneys. If an agency or attorney must review the post placement report before it is finalized, BCC is happy to have them do so.


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