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In keeping with the Board of Child Care Core Value of “Safety as a Mindset”, the BCC Auxiliary has decided to change the procedure for In-Kind Donation drop-offs.

Please watch your email for any updates.

You can find more information on the Board of Child Care COVID-19 response here.

Any other questions or concerns should be addressed to Sue Everhart, Auxiliary President by phone at 301-514-8730 or everhartsuzanne@gmail.com

Message from the Auxiliary President, Mrs. Sue Everhart

The Auxiliary is busy all year long with a variety of efforts and I invite you to join us, be it to volunteer your time, treasure, or talent.  Use the website’s navigation menu to click on each event for more information.  Not all events are collecting items all the time so do take a moment to see when the donation deadlines are.

Please feel free to start a conversation with me about how you can get involved.  You are important to the success of BCC’s purpose:  “Enriching communities, one family at a time.”

To the hundreds of volunteers I am lucky enough to work with each year – THANK YOU.  I truly appreciate all that you do to support our beloved Auxiliary and the children and families served by BCC.

You can reach me either on my cell phone at 301-514-8730 or email everhartsuzanne@gmail.com.

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Thank you again,

Sue Everhart
Auxiliary President

Important Box Top for Education Update!

August 2019 – Box Tops for Education labels are still being collected but the program is changing!
Click here for details.

Update on the exciting future of our BCC Auxiliary

We have had several meetings with BCC staff and Auxiliary officers as well as interested members.  A number of changes are being implemented in order to help streamline the administrative responsibilities of the Auxiliary so that we can better support BCC programs which are expanding and experiencing transformation.

As we move forward together, BCC staff will help more with these administrative tasks (such as communication and gift thank you letters).  Because of these changes, the Auxiliary volunteers will be able to do what you do best – making life more awesome for BCC youth!  There will be fewer meetings (and less paperwork) and more opportunities to participate in “hands on” tasks to benefit children and youth and their families directly.

At the 2019 Annual Auxiliary meeting we ratified our new, streamlined, constitution and by-laws.  One of our next areas of focus will be the creation of a new policy and procedure manual that captures “how” the Auxiliary operates.  This document can be edited as programs and initiatives change throughout the year, making us more nimble.  Placing this information in the constitution as it was done previously was difficult as changes required a vote at the annual meeting.  The manual will also be a valuable training tool for new area coordinators and volunteers going forward.

In the coming months, we look forward to sharing more about the outcomes of our work and transformation.  All input is welcome.

Auxiliary Activities

Auxiliary-specific Fundraisers:

Or mail a check to:

Board of Child Care
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