Thanksgiving Meal Support

The Auxiliary provides meal support for over 200 families served by the various programs of BCC.  The families are extremely appreciative of our assistance in providing a Thanksgiving meal.  Your donation to the Auxiliary helps fund this important work. You are also welcome to donate to this specific initiative. We appreciate all of the donations from churches and individuals and it is never too late to send a donation.  Please make your check payable to Board of Child Care and note “Auxiliary Thanksgiving” in the memo line; mail to 3300 Gaither Road, Baltimore, MD 21244.  You may also give online specifically to the Auxiliary using this link. Let us know in the comments if there is a specific initiative, like the Thanksgiving meal cards, you’d like to support. Thank you!


How the Auxiliary Thanksgiving Has Changed

For many years we supported Board of Child Care (BCC) families with Thanksgiving Baskets – collecting canned goods, cake mixes, stuffing etc.  The families were very appreciative of this support.   

We are now handling Thanksgiving donations a little differently.

We provide $25 grocery store gift cards to families in lieu of physical baskets of canned hams, veggies, cake mixes etc.   Donations will be much easier – just write a check or donate online!   We will take care of purchasing the grocery store (geographically appropriate) gift cards for the recipients.   Grocery Store Gift cards allow the recipients more choice in tastes and accommodating dietary needs (store policies prohibit gift cards from being used to purchase alcohol, tobacco or lottery/keno tickets).

Send checks payable to the Board of Child Care, 3300 Gaither Road, Baltimore MD  21244,  with a note in memo “Auxiliary Thanksgiving”.  This way, we can record donations in our database, and send an acknowledgment to donors.

We are always so grateful for YOU our supporters – Blessings to all and a bountiful Thanksgiving!