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Baltimore’s Health Suite Director, Moore is a graduate of Hampton University (bachelor’s degree) and University of Maryland-Baltimore (master’s degree). She spent 10 years as an intensive care nurse before coming to the Board of Child Care in 2014. Q: The Health Suite has completely transformed! You have added Registered Nurses, made the suite an everyday […]

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Moving Up and celebrating NAEYC in DC

BCC’s Early Learning Program recognizes participants, new accreditation At some point, all children are asked what they want to be when they grow up. So when BCC President and CEO Laurie Anne Spagnola heard so many of the children participating in BCC’s Early Learning Program identify as future police and firefighters, she marched along to […]

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BCC now offering trauma-informed training to community

Directors, trainers and staff will help community parents, and first responders mirror informed response techniques With the goal of teaching the community how to utilize the same techniques Board of Child Care staff employ with program participants, BCC is now teaching Trauma Informed Care (TIC) training techniques. The idea was hatched at BCC’s Eastern Shore […]

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