Services Offered & Communities Served

Enriching communities, one family at a time.

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Community-based Programs

Adoption Services (Maryland only)

Referral and counseling assistance is provided to families both pre and post-adoption. A post-adoption search and reunion service is also available.

Alternative Learning Program (Martinsburg, WV campus only)

Reduces recidivism rates by providing full-day educational and therapeutic services for middle and high school students (males and females). (Referral info.)

Wraparound Program (West Virginia only)

A comprehensive, holistic, youth and family-driven way of responding when children or youth experience serious mental health or behavioral challenges. (Referral info.)

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Early Learning Program (Washington, D.C.)

Provides quality childcare focused on the growth and development of children, ages 6 weeks to 5 years, from different socioeconomic and racial backgrounds. (Admission info.)

Strawbridge School (Baltimore Campus)

A nonpublic special and regular education school serving preschool through age 21 in a therapeutic environment. The school specializes in serving youth with autism, as well other learning, health, emotional, and behavioral disabilities. (Referral info.)

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Mental Health

Licensed clinical therapists and child psychiatrists provide mental health services throughout BCC’s program continuum (e.g. Strawbridge School has clinicians, all MD & WV residential programs have clinicians.  PA is in the process for applying for a mental health license and hiring clinicians).

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (Pasadena, MD) Individual and group sessions provided for youth ages 3 to 18 and their families. Focused on serving families on Medicaid. (Referral info.)

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Residential Services

Campuses provide engaging experiences for youth within a safe, structured setting. A multi-disciplinary team comprised of medical, clinical, recreational, spiritual, and program staff design and implement a comprehensive, customized treatment plan for each child in care. Locations in Baltimore, MD, Denton, MD, Martinsburg, WV,  and Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Community group homes keep residents integrated into the community and allow them to attend public school while also acquiring independent living and job training skills. Four homes in Maryland and three in Martinsburg, West Virginia. (Referral info.)

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Treatment Foster Care (Maryland only)

Provide therapeutically structured home environments for youth ages 2 to 21. Specially trained foster parents and BCC’s professional staff work to ensure youth are nurtured in a safe and encouraging home setting. Start your journey to becoming a foster care parent here.

Board of Child Care’s programs is open to any individual or family regardless of their religious beliefs.  Read more about Spiritual Life programming and BCC’s affiliation with the United Methodist Church.