When vulnerable youth need a safe, supportive place to call home, we are here.

Home means so much more than four walls and food on the table. 

Home is a safe, nurturing space that allows young people to thrive. It’s a place that meets a child’s most basic needs, while also offering a spectrum of support services so that each individual may grow to reach their full potential.

Our extensive Residential Program provides engaging experiences for youth within safe, structured settings. We have a multi-disciplinary team working to design and implement a comprehensive, customized treatment plan for every person in our care using the following specialty areas:

Medical  |  Clinical  |  Recreational  |  Spiritual (optional)

Community Homes

We believe there is a strong sense of confidence that comes with preparing for independent living, and we know it takes a village to get there. Our community-based group home options extend across Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

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Health & Healing

Health and healing is always our first priority, and it’s a journey that looks different for everyone. Our range of residential health & healing options were designed to provide support and care every step of the way to recovery, including:

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Exploitation »
Emotional, Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities (ECCD) »

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We will never replace a family, but our team works hard to provide the comfort and structure of a home so that our youth may grow to be successful, impactful members of their communities.

We are here to help you.

Our residential programs require a referral from a state or federal entity to begin the admissions process.  The referring party varies slightly depending on which state BCC operates within. 

If you are a state or federal employee and wish to make a referral, please click here to access our referral directory. 

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Board of Child Care programs are open to any individual or family regardless of their religious beliefs.