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Mental Health

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Mental and behavioral health cannot be treated in a bubble. The impacts are far-reaching, touching every aspect of life whether one realizes it or not. This makes it vital for the care and treatment of mental and behavioral health to be holistic — a piece of the greater portrait, not a stand-alone drawing.


At Board of Child Care, we operate under a continuum of care that considers mental and behavioral health as core components of everything we do.
We design our programs and services to place each youth at the center, then building out the unique care and support each person needs to thrive.

Community-Based Approach

Our ultimate goal is to help youth be successful in their community. By providing services to youth and their families where they are, through office and home-based services, we provide the tools for long-term success in those environments and work to prevent the need for higher level care.

Community Care Locations

West Virginia Mental Health Services

It can be hard to know where to start when youth experience mental health or behavioral challenges. Through our family-focused services, we aim to increase resiliency in our youth and empower them to enhance their own capabilities, knowledge, skills, and assets — the ones that have been there all along.

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Maryland Outpatient Mental Health Clinic

Our comprehensive approach to health can be seen firsthand in our clinic. Located in Pasadena, Maryland, the Outpatient Mental Health Clinic brings together licensed, masters-level therapists, graduate interns, and child psychiatrists, all ready to build upon the strengths of the youth and families we serve.

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Mental Health

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The Bridge Program is a licensed Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF)