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Michael outside of his first BCC house with his previous BCC social worker, Alex Glover.

BCC Alumni Update: Michael

“I didn’t want my parents to leave, it was very emotional for me because when my dad whispered in my ear for the first time in years that he loved me, I knew I needed to change. I was here for a reason and not to just go through life and end up dead. Later did I know my stay at Board of Child Care would be the hardest thing I have ever done.” – Michael

Since Michael’s time with BCC, he had to “learn to trust people, take chances, and communicate my needs.” In July 2017, Micheal will celebrate one year of independence from the foster care system and being responsible for himself.

Michael admits that life is not easy. He stated that as long as he remains focused on his goals; keeps up his grades; works together with Job Corps in Woodstock, Maryland; and puts his energy towards becoming a Certified Medical Assistant he will feel that this has all been worth the effort.

He understands there will still be challenges in his future but, Michael has learned how to be resilient no matter what.


Tim enjoys playing his guitar after work.

BCC’s 2016 Valedictorian Update: Tim

“I have also accomplished many feats, including gaining vital work experience, life skills, financial literacy, social skills, and am now a high school graduate!  The truth is that if you stick with the program, and put faith in staff, nothing but success is in your future.” – Tim

Currently, Tim is attending college to focus on human services and hopes to become a school counselor. He is working for a commercial cleaning company. In his spare time, Tim is still playing music and hanging out with his friends.


Cambria visiting with some local horses.

2017 Senior Update: Cambria

Cambria was awarded student of the month for March 2017 due to her focus and strong determination, leadership skills, and participation in classes. Her senior year she completed English 12, French, Chemistry, and Economics classes. She spent the last few months of high school studying and applying to colleges. Her dream is to go to the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) where she can pursue a degree in photography. Cambria is also interested in painting and drawing.

When asked what advice she would give a recent graduate, Cambria said: “Don’t be afraid to F.A.I.L. (first attempt in learning).” She said this is important to her because of she, “understands failing and picking yourself up to try again.”