Treatment Foster Care

BCC’s Treatment Foster Care (TFC) program provides therapeutically structured home environments for youth ages 2 to 21. Specially trained foster parents and BCC’s professional staff work to ensure youth are nurtured in a safe and encouraging home setting. Over 20 TFC homes are located throughout Maryland, and we are always looking for new adults and couples seeking to change a child’s life.

Many TFC youth have experienced trauma, abuse or neglect and need caring adults to understand their pain, instill positive family values, and celebrate their successes.

Sibling groups may also be placed with the TFC program if at least one youth meets treatment foster care criteria. These youth typically have developmental, emotional, or behavioral challenges that require specially trained foster parents and social workers to help them successfully overcome these difficulties.

TFC Program Offices
BCC’s TFC program takes referrals from state child welfare agencies (e.g. DSS, DJS) across Maryland and places children in foster homes throughout the state. However, the program is operated out of two offices.

  • The Baltimore TFC office is located on BCC’s Baltimore campus and organizational headquarters.  It primarily serves children and families in the Central Maryland region.
  • The Southern Maryland TFC office primarily serves children and families in Southern Maryland, including St. Mary’s, Charles and Calvert counties.
  • Click here for directions and contact info for the entire TFC program

The foster care staff work in partnership with foster care families and birth parents toward the goal of finding permanency for the children or youth, either through reunification, guardianship or adoption.

Heroes Give Children Hope

Interested in changing a child’s life? Take the five-question quiz to see if you can be a hero!”


Danyelle Crawford, LGSW
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F: (410) 496-5620

Board of Child Care’s programs are open to any individual regardless of their religious beliefs. In addition, BCC welcomes Treatment Foster Care parents to apply regardless of their personal religious preferences. Read more about Spiritual Life programming and BCC’s affiliation with the United Methodist Church.