Core Value Winner (Relationships) – May 2020


Foster RELATIONSHIPS within our Community

Openness and honesty with all stakeholders make for both the best program outcomes and team culture. We, as an organization, must act with integrity, build trust with one another, and be committed to transparency about our decisions and promises.

WINNER: Cierra Phillips  

Here is what her nomination said:

I received a call from Cierra Phillips regarding a court case that was continued at least 3 times for a client who would be returning to her family home and Cierra would be sending the official discharge notification. I want to thank Cierra and the client’s team for navigating this case in a trauma responsive and professional manner. The client’s family had negative experiences throughout her time in care (pre-dating her placement at BCC) which impacted her placement at BCC. I witnessed firsthand how our team helped the family (mom) build a relationship that was based on trust. I know this case was more time demanding and difficult than most. I appreciate everyone meeting the family where they were in the process. Special thanks to Maggie for supervising a difficult visit, Donna D. for ensuring the youth’s needs were met, and both Kyle K. and Abbie W. for supporting Cierra and the youth at the court cases. Cierra was the first point of contact, and unfortunately endured most of the negative responses. She handled herself in a manner that makes me happy to have her on our team.

Congratulations and thank you!