Caminos Careers


Board of Child Care’s Caminos program provides safe secure placement options for children who have recently migrated to the United States and are seeking opportunities for reunification with family as well as the chance to pursue their education and legal immigration cases.

Join our staff at Board of Child Care. Help us meet the needs of these vulnerable children in Maryland and West Virginia.  Click on our brochure to the right and download more on our program.


Our goal is to be a leader in providing high-quality, integrated care grounded in evidence-based practices that support the healing of trauma to help complex youth and their families achieve lasting success in their communities.

We offer a vibrant training program created by the combined efforts of directors, administrators, and community agencies.

While you are caring for a child you will have access to our professional team every hour of every day.

Extensive Orientation | Training Sessions
Certification • Coaching • Guidance • Mentorship

6:1        Professional staff ratio flexibility for each one child placed in our care.
24/7     Access to our professional team every hour of every day.

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