Office Furniture Donations Needed

BCC is looking for office furniture donations!

Specific items needed:

  • Waiting room / small meeting space chairs
    • Need both – some for waiting rooms and some for individual office meeting spaces.
  • Office desks
    • Lighter in color – pine finish preferred
  • Small round meeting tables that
    • Seat 4-6 people
    • Lighter in color – pine finish preferred but not required.
  • Folding chairs with padded seats for our training rooms
    • We have a healthy supply of metal folding chairs so no additional metal chairs are needed at this time.
    • Would like approximately 30-40 that somewhat match.
  • Whiteboards
    • Any size – especially larger ones for conference rooms are needed
    • Magnetic is preferred but not required.
  • Two larger conference room tables
    • 10ft + in length
    • Prefer “bow” style shape as opposed to rectangular so that everyone can see each other.
    • Lighter color finishes preferred but not required.
    • Features such as having tables with power outlets built in are excellent but not required.
    • Sorry, no glass table tops.

Depending on the quantity of items available BCC can provide moving assistance.

Donor will receive a receipt for all items.

Due to limited storage space we cannot accept dropped off furniture donations without seeing photos of the items beforehand.  

Please email with a photo and dimensions (if applicable).  Thank you so much!