Other Ways to Give

Workplace Giving

Did you know that you can donate to the Board of Child Care seamlessly through payroll deductions? And since companies often match employee contributions, workplace giving provides you with the opportunity to directly influence your company’s philanthropic endeavors.

  1. Payroll Deductions

    • Private Company Employees
    • City and State Employees – ID 52-0591554
      Connecting People Who Care with Causes That Matter! mcc.maryland.gov 
  2. Matching Gifts

    • Check to see if your company will match your gift
    • Company grants volunteer time

Payroll Deductions

Private Company Employees
Check with your payroll administrator to see if the Board of Child Care is on your company’s list of approved charities in your workplace contribution campaign. If we are not listed, ask if you can write us in or have us added to the list. Here is some information that will help you put us on your company’s list of approved charities:

Tax ID/EIN Number

Full Name
Board of Child Care of the United Methodist Church, Inc.

3300 Gaither Rd., Baltimore, MD 21244-2916


Maryland State Employeesmaryland-charity-campaign
Board of Child Care was a participating charity in the 2016 Maryland Charity Campaign (MCC): Connecting People Who Care with Causes That Matter! 

Baltimore City Employees
Baltimore City has partnered with the United Way to run their combined charity campaign.  All you need to do is enter BCC’s EIN or name into the search box. Our EIN is 52-0591554. There is no specific number provided for charities like in years past.


Matching Gifts

Check if Your Company Will Match Your Gift!

Company Grants for Volunteer Time
Some companies will give grants to organizations where their employees volunteer. Ask your Human Resources department or Community Relations department if this is available at your company and how you can go about taking advantage of this great way to help us even more.

If you have any questions about way to give to us please reach out to our Development team at 410-922-2100 or communications@boardofchildcare.org.