Adoption Services

The Board of Child Care provides a number of services surrounding the adoption process.  At one time in the organization’s history we did place children directly into homes.  Today, however, we provide support to families both pre and post adoption. The actual placing of a child into the home is done by an outside entity of the adopting family’s choosing.

Board of Child Care maintains records of all adoptions it facilitated, and can also offer assistance with search and reunion efforts for both adopted children and parents who gave their child up for adoption.  Click on the menu to the right or use the SERVICES drop down menu above to explore our adoption-related service offerings.


No matter where you are in the adoption process, our Adoption Services Director, Anne Pearce, is here to help.  She is a licensed social worker and can be reached at (410) 922-2100, ext. 5350 or

Board of Child Care’s programs are open to any individual regardless of their religious beliefs. Read more about BCC’s affiliation with the Untied Methodist Church.