Volunteer Auxiliary

Who We Are

The Auxiliary is the Board of Child Care’s volunteer corp. Since 1953, the men and women of the Auxiliary have enhanced the lives of the children served by the Board of Child Care and helped educate the church community and others about BCC’s services. Volunteers often meet on Wednesdays at 10:00 am on the Baltimore campus to work on a variety of projects.

We usually work in the Chapel or in the basement of the Welcome Center. If you would like to help please call or email ahead of time so we know to expect you! If you would like to volunteer at any of the events, donate any requested items, or have questions, please contact Sue Everhart, Auxiliary President by phone at 301-514-8730 or everhartsuzanne@gmail.com 

Join Us

With just a small donation, you can become part of our awesome Auxiliary. The experiences you gain in return will be priceless, including:

Impacting a Child’s Life

For BCC’s children, Auxiliary members serve as an extended community, providing extras for the holidays, on birthdays and during summer breaks. Children receive birthday cards and gifts, cookies at the holidays, Easter baskets, afghans and graduation gifts from the Auxiliary. In the summer youth attend Auxiliary-sponsored trips to parks, museums, dinner theaters and other local attractions.

Enriching communities, one family at a time.

The Auxiliary participates in fulfilling BCC’s purpose.  One example is the food store gift cards given to families for Thanksgiving meal assistance.  Another example is the Christmas parties sponsored by the Auxiliary for the treatment foster care families.  Also at Christmas, both youth and families are invited to shop for loved ones at the Auxiliary’s Christmas Store.

Advocating for a Good Cause

As an outreach ministry of the United Methodist Church, BCC must continually educate the church community about our services. The Auxiliary takes on much of this responsibility, allowing BCC staff to devote more time to serving children. Auxiliary members speak to congregations, attend fairs, hand out fliers and recruit additional Auxiliary members.

Gaining Personal Fulfillment

More than 1,000 people comprise the Auxiliary. Opportunities abound for developing new friendships and putting skills to work, including leadership, organizational and fundraising skills.

The Auxiliary’s Structure

Auxiliary members represent churches throughout the Baltimore-Washington, Peninsula-Delaware, and Susquehanna Conferences of the United Methodist Church, although volunteers from all faiths are welcome to join. Within each church, Auxiliary “Key” persons serve as liaisons with BCC. An Auxiliary Executive Committee oversees the entire Auxiliary.

QUESTIONS? Need something? Interested in signing up?
You can contact Sue Everhart, Auxiliary President, at 301-514-8730 or leave a message for the auxiliary at 410-922-2100 x5473 or email everhartsuzanne@gmail.com