Residential Services

Board of Child Care provides more than just a safe place for children to live. The Residential Program and Community-Based Group Homes provide engaging experiences for youth within a safe, structured setting. Our incredible multi-disciplinary team comprises medical, clinical, recreational, spiritual, and program staff. Together, they design and implement a comprehensive, customized treatment plan for each child in our care.

The Board of Child Care’s residential program spans Maryland and West Virginia. Maryland services include residential campuses in Baltimore and Denton (on Maryland’s Eastern Shore) as well as four community-based group homes scattered throughout the state. West Virginia services are all provided in Martinsburg, where we have a residential campus and a group home.

No matter how a child came to be in our care, our goal is to create an environment where they can grow to be successful members of their families and communities. It is important to note, however, that the programming for youth served by BCC’s residential program supports their ultimate plan for discharge. We know that our team can never replace a family, and we work very hard to structure programming to support whatever the appropriate next step is for that youth.

There are a wide variety of options the treatment team may consider as they craft the immediate therapeutic goals as well as the discharge plan. For example, some youth will ultimately be reunited with their families (either immediate or extended), while others will move from BCC’s residential program setting to another treatment setting. This could be a more intense treatment environment or a less intense one, such as placement in a treatment foster care home.

Board of Child Care’s programs are open to any individual or family regardless of their religious beliefs.  Read more about Spiritual Life programing and BCC’s affiliation with the United Methodist Church.