Baltimore Residential Campus

Baltimore campus aerial photo


Located on a 28-acre campus just minutes from the I-695 Liberty Road Exit, Board of Child Care’s Baltimore campus contains 14 living units and our community-based group home called Gateway. The property offers extensive recreational, vocational, and educational facilities – all nestled behind a quiet neighborhood in Milford Mill.

The Baltimore campus serves several distinct program populations with a total of 109 residential beds. In addition, it is also the organization’s operational headquarters. Also on campus are a recreation and activity center, dining hall, conference center, welcome center, chapel, and the Strawbridge School.

 baltimore-upper-campus-housesUPPER CAMPUS

Seven houses each have five individual rooms. Total capacity is 35 youth, with a mix of males and females. Youth who are diagnosed with emotional, developmental (including autism) and behavioral disabilities are served in this program.



Our lower and mid-campus cottages serve the widest variety of youth on the Baltimore campus program. Depending on which Maryland county is making the referral, we serve youth from the Department of Social Services (DSS), the Department of Juvenile Services (DJS), and the Department of Human Resources (DHR). Youth can enter our Baltimore campus program as a voluntary placement, but that is rare.

Lower Campus:  Five living units, each with 10 single rooms, a kitchen, common area, and two bathrooms.

Mid Campus:  Two living units, each with 12 single rooms, a kitchen, common area, and two bathrooms.


Launched in late 2015, BCC’s girl’s program is designed specifically to meet the needs of high-intensity, adolescent females. Empowering girls to rise from the ashes of complex and/or chronic trauma through renewal and hope is the goal.  The program implements relationship-based and data-proven interventions for maximum impact on program participants and their families.

The program is currently considering new admissions until capacity is reached. Admission procedures start with your county’s appropriate DSS representative.


No matter how a child came to be in our care, our goal is to create an environment where they can grow to be successful members of their families and communities. It is important to note, however, that the programming for youth served by BCC’s residential program is designed around their ultimate plan for discharge. We know that our team can never replace a family, and we work very hard to structure programming to support whatever the appropriate next step is for that youth.

There are a wide variety of options the treatment team may consider as they craft the immediate therapeutic goals as well as the discharge plan. For example, some youth will ultimately be reunited with their families (either immediate or extended), while others will move from BCC’s residential program setting to another treatment setting. This could be a more intense treatment environment or a less intense one, such as placement in a group home or treatment foster care home.


The definition of ‘family ‘varies greatly from child to child.  At BCC we define family as anyone who cares for the well being of the youth in our care.  All of BCC’s social workers are trained to conduct family therapy sessions either via phone or, preferably, in person. The clinical building on campus has space specifically designed for family therapy. Depending on the discharge plan and treatment progress, weekend home visits can be scheduled for the residents.

Our clinical team works closely with the youth to determine who their sources of support are and make sure they are part of the treatment team. Each youth in care has an Individual Treatment Plan (ITP), and the ‘family’ is invited approximately every 90 days to progress meetings.  Youth who successfully progress through their treatment plans have campus home visits scheduled (BCC provides transportation to and from the home).


The schedule outline below is a sample; each residential campus and group home is slightly different.  During the summer months, youth who are not in summer school will be busy volunteering, enjoying the summer camp experience on our campus or finding an internship to gain valuable work experience.

6:30 am         Wake-up, personal hygiene & Health Suite appointments.

7:30 am         Cafeteria breakfast service

8 am               School

2:30 pm         Afternoon snack upon return from school

3 pm               Group meetings, therapy and/or Health Suite appt.

4 pm               Chores or group activity; recreation and/or therapy

5-6pm            Cafeteria dinner service

6-8pm            Study and/or tutoring

7 pm               Recreation/spiritual life/therapy and/or phone time

8 pm               Evening snack

8:30 pm         Bedtime routine



Increasing self-esteem, physical health and gaining the trust of peers and adults is the goal of structured sports, fitness and club activities at BCC. Our indoor gymnasium (pictured above), fitness room, heated outdoor pool, baseball and soccer fields, basketball and volleyball courts and an adventure-based ropes course (pictured below) are useful and therapeutic.


Christian-based services include weekly chapel services, Bible study, and community service trips. Attending denominational services off-campus if therapeutically appropriate is permitted.

*All spiritual life programming is optional. You can read more about spiritual life here



Baltimore campus residents either continue to attend their home school, local Baltimore County zoned schools or the on-campus Strawbridge School. Read more about the Strawbridge School degree options available for students.


A multi-disciplinary professional team provides behavioral health and therapeutic supports. The staff includes child care workers, clinicians, supervisors, and recreational staff. The youth see a BCC psychiatrist and receive medical services from the on-campus health suite


You can read a complete list of our operating licenses here.

We do have the capacity to take an emergency, after hours placements.  Please click here for contact information.


Our incredible volunteers provide the ‘touches from home’ to the youth living on the Board of Child Care.  Everything from sending birthday cards, baking cookies, and knitting scarves, to sponsoring Christmas presents.  Click here to learn more.


Board of Child Care
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Board of Child Care programs are open to any individual regardless of their religious beliefs.  Read more about Spiritual Life programming and BCC’s affiliation with the United Methodist Church.