Gifts That Provide Income

If you want to bring hope to children, but need to maintain income from an asset you would like to give to Board of Child Care, a life income gift may be a perfect solution. These gift plans allow you to receive payments (for life or a period of years) from assets you donate today. Afterward, remaining funds are used by Board of Child Care for the purposes you designate. You can use these plans to increase income, reduce taxes, diversify holdings, and create lasting change for children and communities.

Charitable Gift Annuity

You want secure, stable income at a high payout rate. Your gift can be in cash or stock.

Charitable Lead Trust

You transfer cash or property to fund a trust that holds the assets and makes payments to Board of Child Care for a specified term of years. When the trust ends, the assets (and any accrued value) are transferred to your heirs at substantial tax savings.

Charitable Unitrust

You want maximum flexibility with regards to the investment and benefits of your gift plan.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

You want the flexibility to invest and manage your gift plan, and also the security of stable income.

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