Board of Child Care Q1 2023 Core Value Award Winners

The Board of Child Care would like to recognize Jasmine Mayo, Diane Baerga, Sheena Santana, and Jasha "Shay" Washington as our Q1 2023 Core Value Award Winners!

Jasmine Mayo—Safety
Regional Navigator, OMHC (Pasadena)

Here is what her nomination said:

“Jasmine Mayo, the new Regional Navigator, has made such an impact on our agency in such a short time of being employed. However, I want to focus on her ability to provide safety support to her Regional Navigator survivors.

Jasmine has been able to provide support and services while building a trusting and safe relationship with those on her caseload.”

Thank you, Jasmine, and congratulations!

Diane Baerga—Relationships
Administrative Assistant, Caminos West (PA)

Here is what her nomination said:

“Diane Baerga keeps good communication and relationship between Caminos Program and Residential. She is a liaison to help Caminos Staff incorporate with residential, using PA Regulations. Example: She was the guide during the DHS Inspection and, she helped to keep everything in compliance with PA Regulations. Caminos had a successful inspection.”

Congratulations, Diane, and thank you!

Sheena Santana—Impact
Youth Care Professional, Caminos West (PA)

Here is what her nomination said:

“Sheena is a go-getter and is always taking the time to complete tasks to help make the program run smoother for the youth and her co-workers. Sheena never stops working and taking on tasks even when she has a full plate herself.

When Sheena arrives on campus on Sunday mornings, she gets everything going for the week and gives the kitchen a thorough cleaning before the second staff member is set to arrive. Sheena also helps the youth feel more comfortable on campus, by branching out of her comfort zone and cooking and preparing meals to the youth’s liking and cultural background. She has spent much time improving her Spanish and can now hold productive conversations with the youth.

“Sheena has impacted the program positively in many ways and continues to each day.”

Congratulations and thank you, Sheena!

Jasha "Shay" Washington—Empathy
Awake Overnight Youth Care Professional (Hagerstown)

Here is what her nomination said:

“Shay’s great and positive attitude during tough times here in the Falling Waters facility has made the staff and youth turn negative outcomes into positive outcomes. She is making a great impact on all that she comes across.”

Congratulations, Shay, and thank you!

SAFETY as a mindset—We value life, spirit, and health above all else and take action to maintain the safety of our workplaces, programs, and services through a trauma responsive lens. We are personally accountable for our own safety and collectively responsible for the mental, emotional, and physical safety of our community.

Foster RELATIONSHIPS within our community—Openness and honesty with all stakeholders make for both the best program outcomes and team culture. Inclusive practices are the building blocks for trust. We create space for conversations that grow transparency about our decisions, promises, and understanding of one another.

IMPACT drives lasting change—We seek to make lasting change in the lives of those we work with by providing services that are inclusive, measurable, and durable. We maximize our impact by investing in staff and board development. Feedback presents opportunity for action, which enhances and strengthens our programs and their outcomes.

Listen and respond with EMPATHY—Empathy will guide our programming and culture at all levels. A supportive work and program environment means valuing the voices of all people, ensuring equitable representation, and growing a desire to know and understand others. We recognize that with empathy we will better understand what type of care and encouragement to provide

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Rosh Hashanah

At sunset yesterday, Wednesday, September 20, our Jewish friends will begin the celebration of Rosh Hashanah (New Year) and conclude on the evening of Friday, September 22.  The year will be 5778.

Here is a traditional greeting to offer: L’shana tovah u’metukah – “For a good and sweet year.” 

This is pronounced l’shah-NAH toe-VAH ooh-meh-too-KAH (oo as in food).

Please join me in wishing everyone who is celebrating a very happy new year!

L’shana tovah u’metukah!

This is a great opportunity for all of us to celebrate the good things of the past year and look forward to a new beginning with God’s blessing.

I want to share with you a brief video for the celebration. Last year a group of people from different communities around the world recorded a special blessing song for Rosh Hashanah. The video was done by 92nd Street Y, a cultural and community center. This is the link to the video: I hope you enjoy it.

Hope and Peace to all – Rev. Stacey


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Follow Me and I’ll Make You Fishers of Men

Scripture Reference: Matthew Chapter 4: Verses 18-20
One day as Jesus was walking along the shore of the Sea of galilee, he saw two brothers-Simon, also called Peter, and Andrew-throwing a net into the water, for they fished for a living. Jesus called out to them, “Come follow me, and I will show you how to be fishers of men.” And they left their nets at once and followed him.

Simon and Andrew probably thought this was where they were supposed to be in life. They probably thought this was what they were meant to do for a living. That maybe they reached their potential and this was all they would do and be in life. However, Jesus comes along with an offer they couldn’t refuse. He tells them to “follow me and I’ll make you fishers of men.” In other words, you think what you’re doing now is good, but if you follow me I can show you greatness. They were content catching fish. Jesus called them to change lives.

There are levels in our lives that God wants to take us too. Levels that include amazing opportunities and blessings. Levels that include helping others and having a positive impact in a negative world. Simon and Andrew would not have tapped into the greatness of God if they weren’t willing to follow Jesus. Jesus is telling us today that He can do great things in our lives and takes us to heights that we never imagined, if we’re willing to follow Him. If we’re willing to leave “our nets” and follow Him, He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, more than we should ever ask or think, according to the power that lies in us!

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Many Thanks to David Daughaday

David has concluded his term on BCC’s Board of Directors effective June 30, 2017. During his tenure he served as both chair of the finance and asset management committees as well as Treasurer.  His leadership and thoughtful questions and suggestions will be sincerely missed, and we wish him well as he begins his next grand adventure – retirement!

From left to right: Laurie Anne Spagnola, David Daughaday, Guy Everhart
David receives a piggy bank as a small token of appreciation for his years of service as the Board treasurer.


David receives a piece of art made by one of the youth on campus.
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